5 Virtues That Even Introverts Should Have

They say that the best way to kill an introvert is to starve them by putting a stranger in the kitchen. If that’s the case, stay out of my kitchen if I don’t know you. 

Yes, I am in introvert, and yes, I too am sick of the many blog posts with titles like “5 Ways Introverts are Misunderstood,” or “10 Myths about Introverts.” So why, you may ask, would I write a blog post about introverts? Maybe because I’m too introverted to say this to your face. 

In all seriousness, my inspiration for writing this article comes from my own shortcomings as a Christian. In a world full of Facebook personality quizzes and Myers Briggs letters, I often attribute my failures as a Christian to my personality as an introvert. And that’s not good. 

I’m not denying that there are introverts in the world–I am one, after all. What I am saying is there are certain virtues that introverts often try to leave to the extroverts, which ought to be observed by every believer. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Bible assigned different virtues to different personality types? All the introverts will be responsible for personal devotions, private prayer (not too long, though), meditation, and morbid introspection; all the extroverts will be responsible for the virtues that require any type of interaction with other people. 

Joking aside, the reality is that every virtue the Bible sets forth is for every believer, and there are certain virtues that introverts need to work a little harder at. Here are five of them: 


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