6 Ways to Take Your Prayers to the Next Level

Some years ago, I spoke to a group of women about the levels of friendship. I moved from level to level, illustrating each one and smiling as I watched the women try to identify the characteristics of their relationships on a handout.

It never occurred to me at the time to consider my level of friendship with God. Since that time, I’ve superimposed the different stages of friendship development over my understanding of the depth—or sometimes, shallowness—of my own relationship with the Lord.

I have to admit, I’m often grieved by how lightly I take my friendship with God—a fact glaringly revealed by the quality of my prayer life. I want to increase my level of friendship with my Father in order to “ramp up” my prayers; because it’s true: our relationship with God affects our prayers. Here are six ways you can take your prayers to the next level.

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