ACRO puts on Sunday school at Common Knowledge

Sunday nights are usually reserved for family dinners, Disney movies, bath nights for the kids or Game of Thrones.

But if you’re Trevor Wakeford, Sunday nights are for cutting edge bass music.

The Ottawa selector known behind the 1s and 2s as DJ ACRO can’t shut up about his new weekly tango at Common Eatery – a night of fresh hip hop, trap and bass beats that will have you convulsing into fitful leg jerks every 16 measures.

But you won’t only hear massive arena bangers at this party, as ACRO is dropping his very unselfish vision to grow the scene at the local level. His new Common Knowledge nights will boast rotating roster of local DJs spinning alongside big-name headliners. It’s his way of giving back to the community that gave him a stage while he was trying to break out as an Ottawa DJ years before he was a Red Bull Thre3style DJ contender.

“What they have done over the past year since they opened is give a platform for artists such as myself and other local artists to perform alongside some big acts,” says Wakeford, praising the vision at Common Eatery.

“That’s something that really caught my attention. It’s an opportunity, for local artists especially, to have a platform to perform along some headlining acts.”

And these are some of the most exciting names in the underground scene right now: Atlanta’s iLove Makonnen, Ottawa’s own Night Lovell and even fashion and DJ icon Virgil Abloh.

But it’s not just DJs that ACRO and Common will be pushing. Producers and beat makers will also be getting some airtime too, as ACRO’s set list every week is heavy on local tunes – everything from regional rappers and beat makers to full-on electronic music producers and lyricists.

“A big part of what I want to do there as well, to tie into their vision for the local scene, is play a lot of local music. I am reaching out to people to send me their stuff so I can showcase it in a live venue, which not many of them get the opportunity to do,” adds ACRO.

“It’s very important for me to stay connected to the scene while I get older and let people know that I am still active, I am still here.”

This is part of the reason for the major shift in ACRO’s career. The Ottawa mainstay DJ has been spinning at the Standard Tavern, sometimes four to five nights a week for the past seven years, often ‘til the wee hours of any given Sunday. With a baby girl on the way and a nightlife change already in motion, ACRO needed to find ways to balance his music career and being a dad. He found common ground with the Elgin Street eatery.

“I’m really excited,” admits ACRO, on becoming a dad and the new career path.

“As soon as (Common) opened, it caught my attention right away. Because of the stuff they were doing and some of the names that they were bringing in, I wanted to get involved right away for sure.”

Common Knowledge is entering its fourth week and so far, the response has been “overwhelming,” says ACRO. He says the no-cover nights usually start out chill and a bit mellow, but usually morph into an all-out trap and R&B disco party, one unique enough to bring out the weirdos, and familiar enough to bring the crowds.

Come out and gain some Common Knowledge on Ottawa’s underground dance scene every Sunday night. Knowledge is power.

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