Sunday school lessons

The Animated Kids Bible Sunday School Lessons

God created the world & every living thing in six days including Adam, who came to live in the Garden of Eden. Adam is one of the central characters of Episode 1 entitled “Creation” in “The Animated Kid’s Bible” series.

God actually created Adam, the first human being, in His own image & in His own likeness. So Adam is a reflection of God Himself. Adam was formed out of the dust of the earth & it is said that God “breathed life” into Adam.

Adam was given a major job in his home in the Garden. Adam’s role was to keep the Garden & to name all the animals & birds that God brought before him. What a big task this must have been for any person! But trouble came to Adam’s home when the Serpent began to promote himself within this wonderful Paradise.
For more very interesting facts on Adam, see the “Bonus Features” following “Creation” – Episode 1 – The Animated Kids Bible with the lovable “Pip The Penguin.” For more facts on “The Serpent,” click on “The Serpent” icon within the “Characters” segment, here.