Are You Living Out a Prosperity Gospel?

False teaching distorts the pure gospel and your view about God. It has been a problem for centuries, even in the early Church. But God has always raised up leaders and Bible teachers to shine a light upon the truth that sets people free from deception and the bonds of sin.

In 2018, the Church is in desperate need for such leadership. There is a false gospel that has been gaining momentum and causing great deception across the world for decades that was birthed right here in America – the “prosperity gospel.”

The prosperity gospel is a far cry from the gospel of Jesus because its roots are not grounded in the message of the Cross that gives new us new life in Christ. It originates from New Thought philosophy, which focuses on using your thoughts, declaration of specific words, and visualizations to attract what you want to happen in your life. The prosperity theology distorts the message of the finished work of the Cross by proclaiming that Jesus didn’t just die for the forgiveness of your sins and to give you new abundant life (John 10:10), but by using your faith, this new life in Him will bring about perfect health and abundant wealth in material possessions and relationships.

This message appeals to every (fallen) natural human desire and it is absolute heresy, my friends. When you add anything to the gospel, it becomes a false one.

Photo Credit: Unsplash/Mathias Huysmans

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