Armor of God Lesson: Small Group Ideas

Are you looking for some great crafts, games, or activities to coordinate with an Armor of God lesson?  You’ve come to the right place.  Keep reading to discover ways we can teach about the armor of God and fighting sin.

Armor Of God


Put on your Armor Relay Race:

In this game, one student will serve as the model and the rest of the kids will run in the race.  Have the model student stand on one end of the playing area and have a number of props beside them to represent the armor of God (for example, have a winter hat for the helmet of salvation if you don’t have a real helmet to use).   Have two teams race to put all the armor of God on the model student. Afterward, hold up each piece and discuss it’s biblical counterpart and purpose.

Ephesians 6 Bingo

This bingo-type of game has kids drawing cards to cover up each piece of armor.  The first kid (or team) to cover all the pieces wins.

Dice Roll Armor

If you’ve ever played the Cootie game, you will understand this idea in a flash!  For this game, have kids draw a stick figure on their paper (or use a printable picture of boy or girl).  Assign numbers to each piece of army and have kids roll the dice to race to complete their armor.  For example, if a child rolls a #1, they add a helmet to their figure.  If they roll a #2, they add a belt of truth.  You get the idea.  You could even use the Ministry to Children coloring pages fo this game.

Battling Sin

This fun (high-energy!) game requires some paper towel rolls, duct tape, and some “sin balls”.  Intrigued?  Read the full instructions over at Kids Sunday School.


Paper Doll Armor Kids

If your group loves paper dolls, you might want to check out these coloring pages which can be used to “dress” kids in the armor of God.  You could even print them out on magnetic paper for some fridge (or cookie sheet) fun.

Shield of Faith

In days gone by, shields were often emblazoned with a family crest or special symbol.   Since we learned that we’re part of the family of God once we become a Christian, it would be great to decorate a shield with a crest for God’s family.


If you have older kids and want a more extensive project, check out Red Ted Art’s cardboard shield. You can also get a template to make a shield of faith over at Crafting the Word of God. 

Make a Suit of Armor

Love the idea of hands-on fun?  Check out instructions to make all the pieces of armor over at Danielle’s place.  Perhaps you could assign one piece to each kid (or a team of kids) and then dress a mannequin when you’re done.   Now… where to find a mannequin?

Sword of the Spirit

Making Time blog has some great suggestions for Armor of God activities, including making this bejeweled sword of the spirit.  Head on over to her website to read more! 

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