Bingo And Molly

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In the half-hour videos Bingo and Molly is a puppet show set in the tiny town of Rabbit Hollow. Simple lessons are learned by a brother and sister who see how it applies to their own lives. The title characters are a pair of cute brother-and-sister bunnies: Bingo is the aggressive, adventurous sibling, in contrast to his cautious, sensible sister Molly. Bingo and Molly along with their friends are just like all children who have all different personalities and challenges they are facing. Each story is chock full of music and comedy and linked with animated sequences that teaches the lesson that is being taught.

Children will identify with every one of the stories and clearly learn what it means to them. With puppets who are so real, the children will adopt them just like they are their own friends. From showing love to having self-control each one of fruits of the spirit are taught in these nine stories.

Along with these videos are lessons that provide a Bible story, crafts, and coloring sheets. Using these videos and lessons the children will learn lessons that they will apply and remember all through their lives.

Here is the list of lessons taught in each video:

1.Bingo and Molly learn how to show love to the new guy in town, just like Jesus accepted the woman at the well.

2.Bingo and Molly learn how to have joy in spite of the storm that cancelled the fun day they planned, just like Paul and Silas were able to sing praises to God while they were in jail.

3.Bingo and Molly learn about keeping peace with others to stay as friends, just like Joseph forgiving and accepting his brothers.

4.Bingo and Molly learn about patience as they prepared for Gladys birthday that she was impatiently waiting for. This patience they learn about is just like the patience Abraham had believing in Gods promises he make to him.

5.Bingo and Molly learn about showing kindness by working together with everyone and not just the ones they choose, just like Nehemiah used everyone to build the wall.

6.Bingo and Molly learn about goodness in the simple things like keeping a room clean, just like Jonah had to obey God in the simple mission God gave to him.

7.Bingo and Molly learn about faithfulness doing what you say you will do, just like Noah finished building the Ark.

8.Bingo and Molly learn about gentleness when Bingo receives a gift that doesnt impress him. This gentleness they learn about is seen in the story of when Ananias meets Saul.

9.Bingo and Molly learn about self-control when Bingo misses a special moment because he was playing his video games. This self-control is seen in the little boy resisted many distractions and found an opportunity to see a miracle.

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