Birth control is not a sin, says Reverend Njoya

Mainstream churches in Kenya led by the Roman Catholic Church hold a dim view of artificial family planning methods that are heavily funded by governments.

The Church preaches abstinence, saying the highway to heaven is not paved with condoms, pills and vasectomy. The church is opposed to artificial contraceptives because they are dehumanising and against biblical teachings and family values.

However, outspoken retired cleric Rev Dr Timothy Njoya criticises the church argument as one informed by partial interpretation of the Holy Book.

“I don’t buy that argument. Such arguments arise when you look at the Bible as a text book, which is not theological. They have to read the Bible fully and understand it well and not in parts,” said Njoya. Proponents of vasectomy said huge rejection of the birth control was also informed by religious beliefs borrowed from the Book of Deuteronomy that bars from entering the congregation of Lord and being called Lord’s people those “Wounded in the testicles, has been made a eunuch or penis cut off”.

But Njoya disputes the book’s doctrine as deliberate move to victimise section of people in the society. He said: “These laws in Deuteronomy were intended to exclude eunuchs from going to the Temple those days”.

In the Bible, eunuchs were perceived to be blemished because they were usually castrated or incapable of reproduction because of birth defects. Njoya, who does not mince his words, said physical disability should not be object of denying some people salvation.

“Word of God is about flesh and blood. People can by nature or career be eunuchs and should not be excluded from salvation”. He added: “Undergoing vasectomy does not make one eunuch or sinner. It is akin to murder to produce more children than you can care for and leave them only to suffer and die of hunger”.

According to Njoya, the Bible commands us to go produce and manage and that if you don’t control what you have produced, you violate a commandment.

“Thus, those saying family planning is sin are not only wrong Biblically but also violate state laws,” says Njoya. 

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