Bible Stories for Children-The Animated Kids Bible-Creation-Music Video

Bible stories for kids
[svp][/svp] The Kids Bible has a series of Bible stories for children from Adam and Eve to Joseph. The Music Video is from Episode one of The Animated Kids Bible Collectable Series, see all of the animated Bible stories for kids at

Castle Builders’ Bible BooClips App for the iPad, PC and Mac- Kids Animated Bible

Bible stories for kids
[svp][/svp] The Animated Kids Bible is now available for download to ipad. ​il/​app/​the-bible-booclips-creation/​id456660678?mt=8 – Cain and Abel

La Biblia Animada para Niños

The Kids Bible
[svp][/svp] La humanidad se ha vuelto corrupta y Dios decide eliminar el mal de la tierra con un gran diluvio. La familia de Noé es la única familia digna que queda y Dios le dice a Noé que construya un arca para salvar a su familia y a algunos grupos de animales. Cuando termina la […]

The Genesis Quiz – Animated Kids Bible

Bible stories for kids
[svp][/svp] A great new Quiz available on Facebook,Bebo and Friendster. Test your knowledge and earn points to get FREE DVDs of The Animated Kids Bible. Its fun and entertaining so invite your friends.

Bingo And Molly

Bingo and Molly
[svp][/svp] To see more or BUY now go to In the half-hour videos Bingo and Molly is a puppet show set in the tiny town of Rabbit Hollow. Simple lessons are learned by a brother and sister who see how it applies to their own lives. The title characters are a pair of cute […]

The Animated Kids Bible

Curriculum Bible Lesson
[svp][/svp] Our truly unique DVDs bring biblical stories and characters to life. The Animated Kids Bible will cement their favorite biblical stories and characters in their memories for all time, by first entertaining them, and then helping them to develop deeper understanding and knowledge.

Kids Bible Stories-Animated Bible lessons for Kids

Curriculum Bible Lesson
[svp][/svp] By gifting the animated Bible series to your kids, you will be giving them an opportunity to know about the greatest story that has ever been told. While learning the Bible in print might be difficult for the kids, watching these stories unfold before their very eyes through the DVDs present them a unique […]

The Animated Kids Bible

Bible stories for children
[svp][/svp] Enjoy a literal ‘world first’ as we present a unique and exciting collection of children’s Bible stories from the world’s most celebrated book, ‘The Bible’! Your kids will delight in the timeless tales of courage, faith & endurance with characters like Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostles. kids […]