Bonus Features

The kids Bible“Did someone mention ‘Bonus Features?’..whoa that’s my cue!!!…Whaaa-hooo!!!”
Hey folks I’m Pip The Penguin, and you’ll see me at the end of every Animated Kid’s Bible episode in the additional and very delightful bonus features section of your DVD!I’ve got lots of terrific goss to share with you about the lives of the wonderful characters in the ‘Characters’ segment…makes sense, huh? I’ll even show you where they live on the family tree…sound out the ‘Can You Imagine That’ it’s totally ‘upstanding’ folks!…wha-HOO!…I love that segment as well!…Whaa-hoo!!
That’s where I get to tell you really interesting stuff like-where Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden may have been & just how big Noah’s ark really was. I mean, it was HUGE …I mean totally titanic. Plus I’ve got maps to show you & all sorts of “top gear”…Plus meet me for some stunning “Music Videos” & I’ll have you bopping away! The Animated Kids Bible DVD collectibles – Get yours & come join me for some FUN! So, make sure you come visit me won’t you! We’ll have lot of fun”…


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