Brooklyn High School Hosts Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Sunday

Players hit the hardwood for a wheelchair basketball tournament in Brooklyn.

Teams from across the country came out to the Poly Prep school
gymnasium in Dyker Heights for the 16th annual Matthew Sapolin
Memorial Wheelchair Basketball Tournament.

It’s named after the former commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for
People with Disabilities.

Local teams like the New York Rollin’ Knicks represented the city.

“I think what surprises people a lot is when they come they’re
expecting a slow game and you have this really high-paced, fast
velocity,” said Jeff Mohl, Vice President of sports marketing for
NYC and Company.  “The chairs are colliding, they’re hitting
3-pointers. The chairs are flipping over and they pop right back up.
And I think it just changes people’s perception.”

“If you wanna see some good basketball, some very creative
basketball, this is the place to be,” said Champ Hallett, a
player with the WC Brooklyn Nets. “This is where you should come
and see how hard it is for us to really do what we do. We love it so
much, so it looks easy, but it’s not really easy.”

Admission is free for today’s three playoff games.

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