Concert provides hope, home for uprooted church

L inda Bell is a lady full of love. The Angleton resident said she loves people, loves God and loves to get together with people who love him as much as she does. That’s why she enjoys spending Sundays at Bible Way Outreach Church — and why she reacted so strongly when the church lost its home.

Now her “Concert of Adoration” may be Bible Way’s saving grace.

“When I came to church, the pastor said they had no place to go,” Bell said. “He said they had a little time, but they had to get out of the building.”

At the time, Bible Way was renting the Angleton Christian School sanctuary, but it wasn’t to last. This is just the latest in a series of moves over the church’s 14 years. The 50-plus member congregation has gathered in a doctor’s office waiting area, the Angleton Recreation Center and in several other rented spaces. Until recently, they had a long-standing agreement leasing the sanctuary from Angleton Christian School. That eight-year agreement came to an end with the sale of the school, and Bible Way’s administrators scrambled to find a place.

“The Christian school came up for sale and we needed a building,” said Cynthia Quiller, announcing clerk at Bible Way. “One thing led to another and we found a church. The church needs tons of repairs.”

The building is in pretty rough shape. Renovations are expected to cost roughly $60,000, and in its current state, church members cannot yet move in. This comes on top of the price of the building itself, which Bible Way still is paying off and will be for some time. All in all, the church needs a lot of money in a hurry.

“God put it on my heart — have a concert for them,” Bell said. “I was on ‘Sunday Best,’ it’s like American Idol but it’s gospel. It still comes on on BET, and in 2013, I was on.”

Bell started searching for the Sunday Best performers she had worked with. She found David Micheal Wyatt, who agreed to perform with her. She swiftly gathered a crowd of gospel singers. Charles R. Cooks will serve as master of ceremonies, with performances by Wyatt, Bell, Gwen Henderson, Carol Davis of Angleton, Pastor Clifford Randall of Victory Temple Holiness, Deborah K. Cooks and Ruthie Thompson of The Annointed, Pastor Donzell Archie of Houston and singers from New Covenant Deliverance Church of Houston.

The 800 concert tickets for sale may make a dent, but Bell emphasized people are welcome to make donations too. Some people couldn’t make it to the concert, she said, but simply gave her the price of a ticket to help out Bible Way.

“I’m hoping and praying Brazoria County will come out and support it,” Bell said. “We’re trying to get the door open for God’s people.”

Mary Newport is a features writer for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0149.

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