Cool Rolls Downhill

What does your seating structure seem like when you have got an age distinction in your class or service?  

An instance could be having 1st graders and fifth graders in the identical room for a youngsters’s worship service.

In the previous, I’d all the time put the first graders up entrance and the fifth graders within the again.

It was that method till I learn this assertion by Walt Disney.  

“It was the primary leisure that Walt Disney had ever designed expressly for youngsters. ‘But we’re not going to speak all the way down to the children,’ he instructed his workers.  ‘Let’s intention for the twelve-year-old. The youthful ones will watch, as a result of they’re going to wish to see what their older brothers and sisters are .  And if the present is sweet sufficient, the youngsters will probably be , and adults too.'”

Once I learn that quote, I knew I needed to make some modifications in my seating association.  With Walt’s assist, I noticed that it is best to place the older children up entrance with the youthful youngsters behind them. 

Why?  Two causes.

Reason #1 – If you place youthful youngsters up entrance, the older youngsters will see the youthful youngsters in entrance of them and can try as a result of it’s too “babyish.”  

Reason #2 – Younger youngsters wish to be just like the “large children.”  They look as much as the older children and after they see them singing and taking part in entrance of them, they’ll take part as nicely. 

Anytime you have got completely different age ranges collectively, your goal ought to be a fifth grade boy.  If you join with him,  you’ll be a magnet for all the children within the room.  

Something else to contemplate as nicely.  The motive it is best to goal fifth grade boys particularly is as a result of ladies are okay with one thing that seems “boyish.”   But fifth grade boys need nothing to do with one thing that seems “girlish.”  And whenever you lose the fifth grade boys, you’ll lose the complete class. 

Another option to say that is – “Cool rolls down hill.”  When the older youngsters suppose one thing is cool, it’s going to run all the way down to the youthful youngsters and they’re going to suppose it’s cool as nicely.

Check your classroom.  Having habits issues?  Kids saying the category or exercise is “boring.”  Can’t appear to get the children engaged with what you might be presenting?  Check the age you might be focusing on.  You might not be focusing on the older children. 

You could also be making an attempt to roll “cool” uphill and that simply does not work.


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