“Cup Runneth Over” – A Bible Game About Equality


Blowing a cup over a line might not seem to have anything to do with equality — but it also has nothing to do with looks, brains, wealth, or the other stuff our culture reveres! Watch your children blow and laugh in this fun Bible game, and then deliver a powerful little message about what equality really is!


• Blue tape
• Six plastic cups
• One balloon per child


Be on the team that is fastest at knocking the plastic cups over the line.


1. Make a finish line on the table with the blue tape that is about three and a half feet long.

2. Line up one cup for each team about six inches back from the finish line.


1. If possible, divide the class into two even teams.

2. Give each child a balloon and have the teams form two straight lines.

3. Place three cups on the table about six inches before the tape and in front of each team.

4. When you say “Go!” the first child in each line will blow up their balloon and step up to the table.

5. They will aim the open end of the balloon at one of the cups and then let go.

6. The goal is to knock the cup over the taped line.

7. Children will continue to blow up the balloons and aim the air at the cups until they are knocked over.

8. Once all three cups are knocked over the line, the student must reset them and then sit at the back of their team’s line.

9. The first team to have all students sitting wins.


Galatians 3:28 says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” This Bible game is a little demonstration of that. None of you children really look alike. You may have different types of parents and different backgrounds. You live in different types of houses. You are in different states of health. But you can surely all blow a cup over a finish line.  We are all different, but we are all equal. God feels the same way.  So let’s make a special effort to respect everyone’s differences and love all equally.


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