The Digital Sunday school made even better!

 Sunday school made even better!

sunday school lessons

I recall with cherish the days when I used to attend Sunday school as a child. The moments I remember most are when our Sunday school teacher would tell us bible stories using a nicely pictured children bible story book.

I loved seeing Samson, so strong and good-looking with long hair. I can’t forget the amazing picture of tiny David standing triumphantly with one foot on dead mighty Goliath; What about that picture with Prophet Elijah overtaking King Ahab’s Chariots while on foot as they all try to beat the rain? I have many more bible illustrations in mind that bring fond memories to me.

I wonder what it would be like if I was just taken through these Sunday school lessons without use of pictures. I doubt whether I’d remember much. Human mind thinks in pictures. This is more elaborated in children, as they learn best from what they see than what is left for them to imagine. For instance, drawing the picture of David as a small young shepherd whose only weapon is a sling and a small stick while that of Goliath as a giant with full amour of war to the extent that even his face is fully covered.

Animated Kid’s Bible also referred to as the Digital Sunday school has just done that! It has virtually converted bibles characters and most actions into graphics, or pictures if you like. This wonderful idea has drawn children even closer to their favorite bible stories and Sunday school just brought to our homes.

Having a very good thought that cannot be expressed to other people is like preparing a very good meal but not bringing it to the dining table to be eaten. Animated kid’s bible creators know this and that’s why they have designed a very good digital download facility. What? Really??

Sunday School Lessons via Download

You must be excited because you know you now have more options presented to you. You can either choose to buy hard copies or go for the easier alternative of directly downloading with no packaging or shipping costs making it even cheaper.

You are probably hobbling over your keyboard trying to find the download button. It’s easy; simply scroll down the Animated Kid’s Bible home page (on as you look to your right and voila! You find it right there just below the Buy Now button.

Just click once on the New!! Instant Download!! Button and you‘ll find your self in a beautiful page with various products with prices readily tagged.  It is relieving to see products put into 2 categories cutting down your work for you so you don’t waste precious time navigating fruitlessly from page to page or hitting link after link.

The first category contains collectible features while the second one contains episodes. I believe there are few words that can be used appropriately to describe how friendly this website is. I therefore advocate that you personally visit and see for yourself how this new digital Sunday school has made it easier for you to get children’s bible stories products without any hassles.

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