Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You Really Are

We’re starting a new curriculum in our midweek program.  As we talked at a recent team meeting, we wanted something for our kids this year that pushed them a little deeper in their faith.  We spent 2015 learning how to Navigate the Bible and took a look at types of books that are in the Bible and how they all fit together.

For 2016, we want to help kids take greater ownership for their faith.  As a church, we loved the book Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, and would love to use something along those lines, but geared for kids.  After searching high and wide, I finally landed on the book pictured below.  It has a strange name, but some amazing content.

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It covers big topics like sin of the heart, fighting sin, the lie of “being a good person”, forgiveness, real-life idols and living as God’s child. I feel like the lessons are crucial to an authentic walk of faith, but I’m a little nervous about teaching the concepts to preschoolers!

New Curriculum

The curriculum book is geared toward 5th through 8th grade, which would be okay for our older kids, but it’s going to take some tweaking for our youngest friends.  So, each Friday I’ll be posting some adaptations for the preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade small group leaders.  You’re welcome to follow along!

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