Do You Want What Others Have?

If you’ve ever enviously eyed your friend’s new iPhone or been jealous of someone’s prom date, then you know that it’s not always easy to follow the Bible’s command not to covet (Exodus 20:17). Take this quiz to find out if you’re pretty content with what you have, or if this area of your life needs work.

1. You make the A-B honor roll, but your best friend consistently makes the A honor roll. You know he’ll get an academic achievement award at the final assembly. You:

    1. Are glad for him. He studies hard, and he deserves it.


    1. Are glad for him and are getting tutored so you can bring your grades up.


    1. Wish you’d get it, even though you didn’t put as much effort into your schoolwork as you could have.


    1. Hope he doesn’t get it. That way, you won’t have to hear about how great he feels.


2. Your neighbor’s parents gave her a used car. You’re still riding your bike. You:

    1. Gripe continually to your parents about how unfair life is.


    1. Wish your parents would give in and get you a car.


    1. Are saving money so you can buy a car to drive to college.


    1. Are happy your parents let you use their car whenever they can.


3. Your older brother gets to stay out until midnight on the weekends, but you have to be home by 10. You:

    1. Don’t like your curfew, but he’s older so it makes sense.


    1. Calmly explain some changes you’ll make so your parents can trust you with an 11:00 curfew.


    1. Wish your parents would give you the same curfew as your brother since you’re not that much younger.


    1. Hope your brother misses his curfew and gets grounded.


4. You work out a lot. You try to eat healthy foods. Your friend never exercises and always seems to be eating—but still looks and feels great. You:

    1. Hope your friend gains a ton of weight next year eating fatty college cafeteria food.


    1. Grumble about how “some people” have to work hard to look good.


    1. “Joke” that you really enjoy all that time on the treadmill.


    1. Know that you’re forming good habits, and decide not to compare yourself to others.


5. You try out for the lead in the play but end up with a small speaking role. You don’t quite understand why the director chose the student she chose for the lead role. You:

    1. Decide not to be in the play at all.


    1. Decide to work hard on making your part the best it can be.


    1. Do your best with your part, but hope you’ll get a better part next time.


    1. Act like you’re happy for the student who got the lead.


6. You ask around and it seems like only fast-food places are hiring for this summer. Then, two people in your youth group talk about how thankful they are to God that they got the last positions at an awesome Christian camp. You:

    1. Wish you’d thought to apply at a few local camps.


    1. Plan to look for something more fun next summer.


    1. Hope they get poison ivy.


    1. Congratulate them and leave so you don’t hear them talk on and on about the camp.


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