DVDs to teach Bible Lessons

DVDs to teach Kids Bible Lessons

The Kids Bible


The kids of today belong to the digital generation. They do not know life without DVD players, internet, CD, video games and MP3. Knowing this, much education can be imparted to the children through these mediums. The Animated Kids Bible DVDs present The Bible to the children in an exciting way. These inspiring DVDs enable the children to develop sound biblical concepts and encourage the children to start their faith walk with their savior, Lord Jesus. Children learn about the Lord through His miracles, parables, and also through the lives of His disciples.


There is an extensive selection of DVDs that are available including Sunday School Lessons. These talk about the courage and faith of a number of biblical characters including Adam & Eve, Moses, Noah, Jesus of Nazareth, the Apostles and Abraham. The DVDs bring the characters to life and help the children to connect with the stories in a much better way. The audio-visual effect of the DVDs help the stories to remain imprinted in the memories of the children throughout their lives. These not only serve to entertain but also help the children, as they grow up, to have a deeper understanding of The Bible.


The Kids Bible Stories come with a range of features that make it a sheer treat for the children to watch these and be inspired. With eye catching graphics and amazing color combinations the DVDs create a pleasing visual impact that attracts the attention of the children and makes them stay glued to the stories. To add to that, there are incredible 3D effects that gives more dimensions to the characters. The DVDs use state-of-the-art sound techniques, beautiful music and kid friendly dialogues to help the children grasp the story in a much better way.


These Bible stories for Children are meant not only for the kids but for the entire family. Sharing Bible stories with the children can be one of the most rewarding things in life. As families spend time watching the stories, lives are transformed beautifully. These DVDs impart valuable life lessons and enables every one to have a Biblical world view based on peace and love.


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