Exciting Summer Project: The Esther Movie


This last Christmas, we opted to not do a Christmas play.  We were hoping to do some kind of walk through Christmas experience instead, but as the time drew nearer and holiday hectic-ness commenced, I began feeling more and more like we were just doing something to “do something” and it would probably bring more stress than joy to everyone involved.

So we called the whole thing off.

Christmas Play Cancelled

And you know what?  No one was the least bit upset.  Which kind of made me wonder why we do a Christmas play at all.  The kids didn’t miss it.  The parents didn’t miss it.  No one in the congregation even mentioned it to me.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, perhaps one more event wasn’t needed (or appreciated).  So, we shifted our focus to the summer.

In our church, our attendance runs high in the summer and we decided to work on our play during these slower paced months. After some brainstorming and collaborating, we decided to try a movie instead.  So, this summer, we’re embarking on a new adventure!

Coming This Summer: The Esther Movie! #Kidmin

When we made the announcement last week, the kids were thrilled. Even boys who refused to participate in the annual play (year after year!) were jumping at the chance to sign up for a role.   We showed this promo to announce it to the kids:


I’ll keep you posted!  We’re still in script writing mode (planning to finish up March 30th) and gathering supplies (we had a great time at the Goodwill store the other day!).

Got Some Advice?

If you’ve been down this road before, I’d love to hear your suggestions and tips!

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