Giving Your Children an Extra Boost in Learning

I was chatting with a friend at church the other day about our education plans for our children.  Currently, we’re homeschooling, but I have to admit, it’s a lot different than I imagined!  I remember reading all the homeschool blogs, speckled with adorable children and beautiful moments and I knew I wanted to spend my days sitting around on the living room floor exploring magnetic force and singing songs about the state capitals.  I mean, what a dream!

Homeschool MnM Math (7)

Truth be told, it’s a lot more work than I expected (and my oldest is only in kindergarten!).  I want their learning to be engaging and exciting, but I have to remember to cover the basics too!  I want to make sure my kids are on the right track and are up to speed in case we do decide to transition them to public school at some point.

Homeschool Clothespin Activity

Of course, there are plenty of resources to help me along the way (thankfully!), including amazing bloggers, tried and tested curriculum, checklists and assessments and even online programs. One program I recently discovered is called Future school and it covers the basics in math and English from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade.  Whether your little one is learning shapes and numbers or if they are getting ready to tackle calculus, there are lessons and tutors available at Future School.   I love the individual assessments for each student which generates a personalized lesson plan complete with video tutorials and worksheets.  It’s a great way to track learning (and let my husband know we are making real progress!)

Online Learning Option for Your Family

I’m looking forward to checking out the phonics and reading lessons for my 6 year old, which are completely controlled by the student. She can move at her own pace and not feel rushed through a lesson. It’s perfect for the home school environment and would be a great reinforcing tool for traditionally schooled students as well.  Take a closer look for yourself by clicking on the Introductory video near the bottom of this page.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, we’ve got some learning to do!

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