God Did Not Save You Just to Read Your Bible Every Day

Once we are saved, what does God want Christians to do?

Many believers would answer with something like this: “Well, of course, what God desires is that I pray and read my Bible every day, attend church on Sundays, share the gospel with others and behave myself throughout the week.”

I want to argue that this is far too narrow.

Yes, God desires that we pray fervently and regularly. Yes, studying the Bible daily pleases him and grows us in the faith. Yes, the proclamation of the gospel is essential and urgent.

But God also urges us to work for the world to be more like the way he originally intended it. God desires the people he delivers from sin to struggle for shalom—that state of flourishing, fullness, and completeness, which we glimpse in the first two precious chapters of Genesis, and which has been marred by the tragic effects of sin ever since. God wants Christians to “do justice.”

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