Great Ways to Get Outdoors this Spring

With the days growing a bit longer and the weather growing a bit warmer (most days!), everyone in our family is itching to get outdoors more.   In the early days of spring, with the rainy skies, cold winds, and muddy ground, sometimes it can be tough to get outside.

Get outside this spring!

Sometimes it’s just easier to “wait for another day”. However, when I recently read on the Kids Safety Network that even prisoners spend more time outside than the average kid, I was determined to find some ways to enjoy the great outdoors with the kids.   Here’s a list of spring time activities for the family I’ve gathered up from around the web.

Just remember, kids can safely play outside in the rain as long as they don’t get too cold.  Just get inside and get some dry clothes on as soon as you’re done playing (a warm shower is a great idea too!).

Things To Do in the Rain

Make a Rain Orchestra 
Spend a few minutes just listening to the sounds of the weather. Set out various objects (like metal, plastic and glass containers) to see how water droplets sound when they hit different surfaces.  (From Go Explore Nature blog)

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Put up a Tent

If you have a simple pop up tent, it would be loads of fun to sit outside in it during a rain storm.  You’re sheltered from the rain, but still able to enjoy the smells and sounds of it.  What a great place to do some afternoon reading! (From Let the Children Play)

Color with Chalk

The wet pavement and rain water will help the colors blend like never before!  What a great art project to remember.  (From Let the Children Play)

Rainy Day Activities: Color with Chalk

Take a Walk

My kids are always looking for an excuse to use their umbrellas. Suit up with boots and coats and take a walk around the neighborhood.

Great Ways to Play Outside in the Rain

Have a Science Lesson

Take the classroom outside when it rains, making whirlpools, splashing water out of puddles, and more.  Check out Creative Star Learning for more ideas.

Science Lessons in the Rain

Paint with Markers

Housing a Forest has some great ideas for painting in the rain.  I especially like how painting with washable markers turned out!

5 Fun Ways to Paint in the Rain

More Spring Time Activities

Turn Nature Into Art

It seems such a same to waste all those beautiful blossoms.  Pull a few petals and make some one of a kind artwork.  Check out Handmade Charlotte for inspiration and instruction.

amazing instagram nature art by spielkkind

Plant a Garden

Of course, spring in the perfect time to start some plants a growing. Whether you use a raised bed (my personal favorite) or some containers — it’s great to teach kids about the process of food growing.

Plant a flower this spring (and more fun activities for kids)

Fly a Kite

This is a favorite of ours, though we never seem to have much luck with it!  This year, we’re going to give making a simple fabric kite a try!

Fly a Kite!

Bird Watching

Spring is a great time to learn about the birds in your neighborhood. Make a few simple bird houses or bird feeders and keep them stocked with seed.  Take pictures of your visitors and grab a book from the library to identify them (or ask grandparents!)

Do some bird watching this spring

Spring Outdoor Fun

For even more ideas, check out this terrific pinterest board filled with ideas for getting outside!

What About You?

How do you get outside and enjoy the day?  I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment with an outdoor activity you love!

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