Hand to Heart: Keeping Micro-reminders of God’s Word Before Your Eyes.

If writing in your pores and skin with a Sharpie is dangerous for you, I could also be headed in a nasty course. I’ve developed a behavior of writing Scripture references in black everlasting marker on my left hand. It often washes off throughout the day, however whereas it’s there it serves as a relentless reminder for me to meditate on a Biblical fact all through my day. 

God tells us that his Word must be written on our hearts, etched into our minds, scratched into our doorposts, and carved into our gates. 

Isaiah 44:5 says, “This one will say, ‘I am the LORD’s’; another will use the name of Jacob; still another will write on his hand, ‘The LORD’s,’ and take on the name of Israel.” (emphasis mine). That verse has served as my inspiration for writing bible verses on my left hand. Over the final couple of years the references on my left hand have been reminders that the Lord will battle for me if I can simply be nonetheless (Exodus 14:14). To not be shaken by circumstances (Hebrews 12:27-28), to face agency within the religion with energy and braveness (1 Corinthians 16:13-15), and to not give the satan a chance (Ephesians 4:27). 

The easy writing of scripture addresses on my left hand helps me to ponder the phrases of God as I am going via my day and on my manner. For me there may be one other very private stage of reminder: As a man who typically smashes his hand each time I work on a automobile or construct one thing with wooden, I’ve quite a lot of scars on my left hand. Literally writing scripture over my scars jogs my memory that God is larger than any of my wounds, and that it’s by the stripes of the Messiah that I’ve been healed (Isaiah 53:5). 

You don’t have to write down in your hand. You could select to write down your scripture reminders in different prevalent locations. My daughter usually sticks Post-it notes on the sprint of her automobile with bits of Scripture to consider whereas she drives. My spouse writes out Scripture-based prayers for our household in a prayer journal. I do know some buddies who write verses on their lavatory mirrors in dry-erase marker. 

Whatever methodology you select to make use of, I wish to problem you to search out methods to repeatedly preserve micro-reminders of God’s Word earlier than your eyes. 

I discover that too typically I’m an excessive amount of like the individual that James talks about in James 1:23-24. In it, he observes that if we’re merely hearers of the Word (and never doers) we’re like an individual who seems to be shortly into the mirror however instantly forgets what he seems to be like as soon as he walks away. 

Most of us have extremely quick consideration spans. We reside in a world that’s full of busyness and exercise and leisure and distraction that consistently pulls our focus to new issues. We’re the sort of people that stand up from watching a TV present, and once we go into the kitchen to discover a snack we overlook what present we have been simply watching. 

In this cultural context we should, as dedicated followers of Jesus, be extremely intentional about intentionally setting our deal with the appropriate issues. Joshua 1:8 offers a direct problem to focus on God’s Word, saying this about God’s ebook of instruction, “…you are to meditate on it day and night so that you may carefully observe everything written in it. For then you will prosper and succeed in whatever you do.” 

For me that textual content is convicting. My mind so simply flies from one factor, to the following factor, to the following factor—from a film quote to a music lyric to a meme to an upcoming deadline to a dialog I had yesterday—that I’m seldom in a position to actually meditate, focus, or ruminate on anybody thought for various seconds at a time. 

But, as His followers, I consider God has referred to as us to be completely different sorts of thinkers. He calls us to learn his Word, not only for the aim of checking off a field on our to-do record, however for the aim of saturating our hearts and minds in The Truth; not just like the absent-minded mirror-lookers in James’ letter, however as individuals who enable God’s Word to seep deeply into our hearts, permeating our souls and spirits. 

We are to be women and men who’re so crammed up with Scripture that it seeps and oozes out of us in our speech and attitudes and ideas and actions. If a cup is full of espresso and the individual holding the cup is jostled, espresso will spill out. Likewise if that cup is full of milk or juice or food plan cola; no matter is inside is what spills out. The identical is true for us. When you’re shaken by the circumstances of life, no matter is in your coronary heart will spill out; kindness or anger, harshness or gentleness, godliness or selfishness. 

Jesus stated it this manner in Luke 6:45, “out of the overflow of the guts the mouth speaks.“ 

As you go about your busy day at the moment, transferring via your meeting-filled, task-driven, not-enough-time-to-get-it-all-done week, take lively steps to maintain God’s Word in entrance of your eyes at each flip. Choose a verse that speaks to your state of affairs. Pick a passage that factors to a fact that it is advisable to dwell on. Then bust out the Expo® and scrawl it in your mirror. Plaster it on sticky notes. 

Or, like me, seize your trusty, fine-point, black ink, everlasting marker out of the coffee-mug pen holder in your desk and actually write it in your hand. 

I really hope that the issues I write by myself hand will seep via my pores and skin and imprint upon my coronary heart. Someday, after I die, my best hope could be that they discover my coronary heart stained with  black ink from a lifetime of writing God’s Word onto my hand.

Chuck Peters is Director of Lifeway Kids. Before his function at Lifeway, Chuck had a prolific profession in tv and video manufacturing. He is a 3-time Emmy Award Winning producer, director, author and on-screen expertise. A graduate of Columbia Bible College, Chuck, and his spouse, Cris, have served in Student and Children’s Ministry for a few years.

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