How to Comfort a Friend Dealing with Loss This Christmas

I am missing my momma this time of year. It’s hard to describe the emotions of happy memories knit together with a deep ache to see her just one more time—maybe you can relate? I remind myself to grieve with hope (1 Thessalonians 4:13), but I’m not going to lie, some days are just hard. We have eight grandchildren in our family, and I keep thinking what a kick she would have gotten out of watching these little ones altogether.

Knowing my mother surrendered her heart to Jesus only six months before her passing certainly fills my heart with peace. But just because I have hope, just because I know I will see her again, doesn’t mean there aren’t days when I just need a good cry over losing my momma.

Earlier today I texted my husband, Steve, about my hurting heart. Since he has also lost his mother, I knew he would understand the pain. If you knew my husband, you’d know that his love language is spoken through acts of service. So, his response was typically within his character. Rather than trying to comfort me with words, his reply brought a smile to my face and a sense of relief when he texted back: Two Words – Chocolate Kisses. His response was just what I needed to know he cared. Do you sometimes not know how to respond to a grieving friend? You’re not alone. To help, let’s look at 10 ways to comfort a grieving friend:

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