How to Find Peace with God When Your Loved One Suffers

We’ve all heard it said. God is a God of peace. We’ve sang hymns about it or little praise songs. I’ve Got Peace Like a River, or maybe Like a River Glorious. We even know some verses that talk about peace. But somehow when we see those we love in the midst of pain, what we know doesn’t seem like enough at the time. We just want them to stop hurting. God gave me peace in my suffering, and hopefully, this article will show you how to find peace with God when your loved one suffers.

I have lost a lot of loved ones in my life. My mother, my father, and three of my siblings. I’ve also suffered a couple of miscarriages too. But I must confess one of the hardest losses of my life was that of our baby granddaughter, Livie. And I believe it was be-cause not only was I grieving for what I lost, but I was watching my loved ones suffer through it as well. God is the only one who got me through that dark, dark time. And I’d like to share how he did it. May it help someone else reading this.

Photo Credit: ©Unsplash/RajEiamworakul

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