Kids Bible Crafts

Kids’ bible crafts

The Kids BibleThere are many Sunday school teachers who use Bible crafts to teach the children about the Holy Book. There are a number of crafts that teach stories about the Bible and also entertain the children in the process. Some of the options that the teachers can use include:


Popsicle Sticks: The sticks are very inexpensive and can be bought in bulk. The sticks can be used for a range of interesting projects. These can be painted or glued together for any kind of work.


Posters: Bible crafts for kids must involve art projects as children love to create art. One of the art projects that the kids love to do is make posters. The stories in the Bible can become confusing for children. Therefore it will be much easier for them to make family trees for the characters to help them remember how the characters are related to each other. The kids can use markers, poster paints, or colored pencils to make large family trees. These family trees can also be hung on the walls for decorative purposes.


Storyboards: This is also a good way for the kids to recreate all the Biblical stories that they have heard in class. The children can draw their own storyboards using their artistic skills. With their creativity the children can bring the Biblical stories to life. The kids can color the storyboard illustrations with the help of markers or color pencils. The kids can make large storyboards on big wooden pieces to be used as decorations in the classroom.

The Kids Bible

Bible crafts need not be difficult to create or be too expensive to buy. The Biblical crafts bring out the best in the kids. Children feel a great sense of accomplishment after they have finished their crafts. The kids have not only learnt how to made the crafts but have also known about the Bible stories.




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