Nursery Revamp!

Ten years ago, we added onto our church.  We built a gym, added classrooms all around it and put in two new nurseries.  Of course, those nurseries don’t stay new forever and recently, we began the project of updating and improving the nurseries.

The nursery revamp team had a blast browsing through toy catalogs, scanning pinterest and checking out mom blogs (Momma’s Baby for one) for reviews and recommendations.

When it came time for the new plans to be presented to the board, I came ready to share the vision.  One of our super talented church members drafted up some sketches to really give the board of ministries a good picture of the new and improved nurseries.

The Biggest Changes

In our baby nursery, we had two sections.  Originally, one side was to be for infants and the other side for 12-24 months (there is a half wall between them), but the 12-24 month side ended up being dead space.  So, we transformed it into a parent lounge with a couch, rocking chairs, swings for the babies and a luxurious crib for napping.  We also added a fish tank to add a little fascination to the place.

New Nursery

On the other side, we had places for non-mobile infants to sit and play (check out some reviews on exersaucers here) and well as some soft play structures for more mobile babies to climb and play.
Baby Nursery Revamp

For the toddler nursery (ages 2-4), we removed some tables and added stations all around the room to allow kids to dive a little deeper into play time.

Toddler Nursery Revamp (3)

The stations include:

  • Art table
  • Construction and block zone
  • Little people table
  • Kitchen and dramatic play

Nursery Revamp


We also added a little quiet “cozy corner” for the kids in a little nook if they want to relax and get away from all the commotion.

Cozy Corner: Nursery Remodel


Of course, we also got new carpeting (with super thick padding!) and gave the rooms a fresh coat of paint.  We’re hoping to get a mural done soon, but it’s not quite in the budget yet!

What About You?

Is your nursery starting to feel outdated?  What do you do to keep things fresh and clean?  I’d love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

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