Why the Bible?

I’m sure you agree that and young people should have spiritual guidance in their formative years, to help them develop a strong and true character, but how can we best achieve this?We all recognize that the Bible is full of so many wonderful stories and parables– Biblical stories that provoke strong comparisons between good and evil, or right and wrong, and which demonstrate valuable lessons on how we should conduct our lives.It has been proven that memory and learning are enhanced by thinking in bright colors and introducing larger than life characters in familiar surroundings. So what better method for a child to learn the lessons of the Bible than by a method they are all familiar with —

The Animated Kid’s Bible is produced with stunning CGI 3D and visual effects. Memorable characters compete in vibrant color and graphics, and a truly original soundtrack to complete this wonderful package backs the easy-to-understand dialogue for aged six to twelve years old.

The Animated Kid’s Bible collectibles present ‘our story’ with faithful biblical accuracy highlighting exciting, intrepid faith heroes, pharaohs, kings, priests, shepherds & prophets from Noah and Abraham to the Apostle Paul.

Our journey will take us through both the Old and the New Testament. The ’s are highly collectible and will eventually build into a complete library of delightful favorites.

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Pip the Penguin

To make these ’s even more child friendly, we have introduced ‘Pip the Penguin’ to lead them through the latest news, trailers and releases. You can find Pip the Penguin in our shop by going here!

First Episodes

Episode one begins with the incredible account of the creation of the world from the book of Genesis, the making of night & day, and the start of human frailties with Adam & Eve being tempted by the serpent in the Garden in Eden. It continues with the memorable & ageless tale of the brothers, Cain & Abel — a lesson in obedience & right attitudes relevant for today’s culture.

Episode two tells the timeless story of Noah and the Ark.

Episode three continues with Nimrod the greatest hunter in all the land, and how he begins to establish his Babylonian empire characterized by self-will, rebellion & an imposing monument to human dependence, in contrast to Nimrod, Abram is chosen by God to become the father of many nations calling him out of an idolatrous culture to a land of remarkable inheritance & a significant destiny.

Explore the challenges, exploits & drama vividly presented from both the Old and New Testaments — from Genesis to Revelation — from the wonder of creation to David the Shepherd-boy’s battle of faith & courage with the Philistine adversary, Goliath; the visual splendor of King Solomon’s majestic temple & the mystique of the Ark of the Covenant.
Travel the lonely road of the Prophets who brought the Word of the Lord & instructions to God’s own rebellious people.

Discover the immortal & world-impacting life of Jesus of Nazareth, the founding of His church on earth & the miracles that followed the life & work of the early disciples as they spread the good news of the gospel.

& viewers of all ages will be inspired & exhilarated by the incredible tales of victory, rejection, treachery, courage, love & war!