Book of Genesis

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The Animated Kids Bible Book of Genesis full set

The Kids Bible

This exciting and imaginative re-telling of the old Bible stories will draw your kids in and keep them watching them over and over again.

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In addition to these wonderful stories, the DVDs have special features to teach your kids the meanings behind them. The Animated Kid’s Bible is not only entertaining, but an excellent way to teach your kids about the Bible.

There are 6 episodes, each 23-minutes long, with over an hour of special features. Each episode tells a part of the greatest story known to man, the Bible.

Episode 1 “Creation” – Let’s start at the very beginning. This episode shows how God created the world in 6 days. You see the earth forming, the oceans and mountains, and the birds and animals being created. Then, God’s greatest creation of all – Man. Follow the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This episode has the nasty old serpent, and his temptation of the first people.

After they leave the Garden, Adam and Eve have 2 sons, Cain and Abel. The chilling story of Cain and Abel is about selfishness and sibling rivalry, and it ends with the murder of Abel and Cain’s miserable fate – a great lesson for everyone.

Episode 2 “Voyage Of The Ark” – In the second episode, we meet Noah, a man of God who is given a special mission. Your kids will see the building of the Ark, the gathering of the animals, and the great flood. The stunning animation really brings the flood to life. Your kids will follow Noah and his family on their journey, until the day they find themselves on the top of Mt. Ararat.

Episode 3 “Towering Pride And True Lies” – What happens when a wicked king decides to build a tower to Heaven so that man may become like God? This episode has the story of the Tower of Babel, with an important lesson to teach everyone about the pride of man.

In this episode we meet one of the most important Bible heroes – Abraham. Abraham has a special bond with God, and he is the direct ancestor of all the Jews and Muslims of the world. In this episode we see his amazing journey through the desert to the Promised Land.

Episode 4 “Rain Of Fire” – In this episode, we follow the further adventures of Abraham. With lots of fight scenes and war scenes, this is the most action-packed in the series, a true adventure story. You’ll also see the fiery destruction of Sodom and Lot’s wife turn to salt as she looks back!

It’s not all fights and explosions, though. The story of Abraham is packed full of lessons that kids can understand and take to heart. Abraham is one of the true heroes of the Bible.

Episode 5 “Brothers At War” – In Episode 5, our hero Abraham is finally given a baby boy. His name is Isaac, and in this one we follow his adventures through the desert. He eventually gives birth to 2 sons, Jacob and Esau, and their story is about what happens when brothers quarrel.

Episode 6 “Joseph The Dream Reader” – Joseph is a boy given a special power by God – the ability to interpret dreams. Because he is so favored by his father, his many brothers become jealous and sell him to the Egyptian slave traders. This episode follows Joseph’s great journey, and his troubles when he finds himself serving Pharaoh in Egypt.

Special Features

These exciting stories have state-of-the-art digital animation and memorable characters that your kids will love. But, it’s more than just a wild ride. The real purpose of the Animated Kid’s Bible is to teach, and to do it in a fun and engaging way. That is why each episode is packed full of special features.

Your guide through the special features is the lovable cartoon-character Pip the Penguin. Pip walks you through everything and explains it all in a way that is fun and interesting.

The special features include…

– The Fact File. Here the stories are explained in more details. Pip explains the message of the story. You can also see a map of where the action takes place. The Fact File ties the story into the modern day, showing how the Bible is part of history. It includes a chronological Bible time-line of all that has happened.

– Character Profiles. With the character profiles, your kids canselect their favorite characters and find out more about them. The Character Profiles screen shows you the family tree of the Bible. In each character’s specific profile you can find out what their name means, and learn more about what they did in the Bible.

– Music Videos. Each episode has a unique music video that contains original music and scenes from the video. The songs all have Christian themes, and your kids can learn to sing along.

– Storyboards. These are scenes from the story using the original storyboards. It’s fun to see how the video was made, and also good for reviewing what happened in the episode.

– Trailers. These give you a taste of what’s to come. You can see scenes from all the other Animated Kid’s Bible episodes. The Bible shouldn’t be a dull old book that Grandma reads… The Animated Kid’s Bible makes all the old Bible stories come alive, and your kids will really get the message!

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