Satanist students advertise lamb sacrifice and Bible-burning event at Clemson University


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(Wikimedia Commons/hager.angie)The Tillman Hall at Clemson University.Students at Clemson University sparked outrage over an advertisement for a lamb sacrifice and Bible burning ceremony to “commemorate” a new chapel on the campus.

A group of students referring to themselves as the Clemson Unorthodox Neo-Satanic Temple advertised the event on a flyer that was found in the university’s Bracket Hall, according to college news website Campus Reform.

The flyer, decorated with images of pentagrams and goat skulls, invites students to an “after life” party that was purported to include activities such as a “Bible torching ceremony,” with a $25 prize for anyone who brings the most Bibles to burn. Another activity called the “Pentagram completion event” was allegedly intended to “summon Baphomet to celebrate the new Clemson Chapel.”

The group claimed that the lamb for the “live bloodletting and lamb sacrifice” would be provided by the Clemson Collegiate Farm Bureau, but Director of College Relations Kirby Player denied that the bureau would be providing any animals for ritual slaughter.

Some students took to social media to voice their outrage over the advertisement. “I knew I chose the wrong school,” one student tweeted. “I ain’t trying to be nowhere near Clemson this weekend,” another one said.

The “new Clemson chapel” mentioned in the flier is believed to be The Cadden Chapel, which was named after a student named Samuel J. Cadden, who died in an automobile accident in the Summer of 2015.

One of the life goals listed on Cadden’s Bible was to give back to the university through a gift to name a building.

In support for the chapel, students recently held an event dubbed “Samapalooza” to raise money for the building.

Upon completion, the chapel will function as a place for meditation and reflection for students of all or no religious beliefs. It would also serve as a venue for weddings and funerals on campus, seating up to 150 people.

The advertisement for the bloodletting ceremony indicated that the event was supposed to take place on March 11, but it did not specify a location. Given the lack of information on the flyer, Heatstreet reporter Ian Miles Cheong surmised that the advertisement was made to “troll” Cadden’s friends and family.

The chapel would cost about $6 million to build, half of which has already been raised by the students. Cadden’s name, as well as the names of over 600 students who passed away before graduating, will be engraved at the chapel as a tribute.

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