VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) — Virginia Beach Schools officials are responding after outrage surrounding the sudden postponing of a Gay-Straight Alliance Assembly.

When Cox high school student Brendan Howells stepped in class Monday, he said it was different.

“It was really kind of a weird vibe today just because we were all excited,” said Howells.

He and his friends were set to attend a Gay Straight Alliance Assembly. The first of its kind at the school. Until a day before, it was postponed by school officials.

“Everyone was very disappointed,” said Alliance member, Gia Elhalou.

Sunday, school officials said assemblies can’t be held during class times.

“People are more encouraged to go because after school, not everyone would want to go to that,” said Howells.

A more than 10-year-old school policy that 13News Now dug up states otherwise.

School board chairman Dan Edwards said that policy only applies to elected bodies like the SGA.

Edwards says the concern over the assembly came from the community. Newly elected board member Victoria Manning brought it to his attention.

School officials ultimately made the decision to postpone, Edwards said.

Outrage has surfaced from the community also that the school board is covering up a hidden reason for the sudden action. Claiming the board is trying to prevent controversy.

Still, with no concrete back up date Alliance members, like Gia Elhalou have concerns it will even happen.

“I feel very doubtful, honestly,” Elhalou said.

“To administration, I’d like to see more support within the student body and less restrictions,” said Howells.

There has been no comment from the school administration.

Edwards says a make up date for the event should be announced by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Manning released statement regarding her stance on the issue, but neither confirmed nor denied any involvement in the the postponing.

Read the full statements, below:

Edwards Statement About Cox HS Assembly by 13News Now on Scribd