Should Christians Play the Lottery?


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My preliminary, fast, off-the-cuff reply could possibly be, “Well, no. Christians shouldn’t play the lottery.” You know why? It’s onerous. I assume the lottery is taking part in, or it’s coveting one factor that’s not yours, nevertheless in case you even once more up and easily give it some thought a little bit bit bit, as we work our method by the book of Luke for instance, there’s lots there about stewardship, cope with funds, which everyone knows all points belong to God.

Is it smart to do that? We know that the lottery is prepared up on a shedding … Gambling’s a shedding proposition, and so from a regular sense perspective, it merely doesn’t make sense to place cash into one factor the place you’re almost definitely going to lose. So, in that sense, having fun with the lottery as a Christian merely doesn’t make sense. It’s not good stewardship of what God has provided.

I imagine the question is even deeper. Why would a Christian want to do the lottery? I imagine that may be a far more pertinent question on account of … Why is it that I want to play the lottery as a Christian? Is it I hope that I can hit it large, subsequently all of my desires are going to be taken care of the place God has already promised, my God shall present your entire need based mostly on his riches and glory by Christ Jesus, nevertheless when he doesn’t, then I can hit the lottery. I merely assume it’s in opposition to who we’re saying we’re as believers. I perception in God. I have never acquired to perception in a lottery to fulfill my desires or to make me comfy.

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