Simple Pleasures: Book Review

Simple pleasures is sometimes I often long for in our every day living.  Too often, I’m laying in bed at night, recounting the day, and realizing that I’ve gone yet another day without truly savoring the gift that it was.

Simple Pleasures

This book, Simple Pleasures, by Marianne Jantzi, is a wonderful reminder to to savor the every day moments that make up a life filled with love.   Her stories are short and sweet and filled with a tangled web of memories that we all so often feel and experience.

Simple Pleasures of Easter

Though the writing style is a little disjointed, it ebbs and flows just as conversation with an old friend would go.  I find it lovely to read as I sip my morning coffee — it serves as a great reminder to savor the little hands that seem to always be in need of something (usually related to sugar!).  The book is very true to it’s title — it is full of simple pleasure, little memories and all the little moments that make up a life.

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