Summer Wilderness Program for Teens

Being a teenager is not an easy job. Youth today experience cases of alienation, obesity, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and even suicide. Young adults are spending more time in front of computers or phones than in front of family or nature. For families with struggling teens, there is a wonderful opportunity where young adults can enjoy positive group interactions in a beautiful, outdoor setting.

Ready to Turn off the Electronics?

When planning family travel or vacations, the following option is well worth considering. The Camp Chateaugay Wilderness Program is an awesome teen camp program in northeastern New York. The Wilderness Program is a special segment of the camp, set apart by a sign reading,

Wilderness is a group of people living together and working together, sharing good times and bad times. Wilderness is what you make it to be.

The Program provides a summer of fun, bonding, and hard work.

Located on one of New York’s great Adirondack Lakes, Camp Chateaugay participants enjoy hiking, water sports, and other outdoor activities. Next to fun, safety is always a top priority. The Wilderness Program is made up of approximately 40 boys and girls, accompanied by six to eight exceptional counselors. The diverse Wilderness Program features a heterogeneous mix of age groups, genders, and nationalities.

Boys and girls have separate log cabins, and there is a log cabin living room with a kitchen. The teen participants prepare their own breakfasts and lunches and share all meals with their Wilderness friends and staff; the group also enjoys nightly campfires.

Camp Fire Time

During the day, there are games, contests, sports, festivities, and hilarious traditions like dining hall zaniness.  Fun activities are mixed with daily physical challenges and exercises.

Ready for Adventure!

Participants have the option between three available excursions: Cycling through New York and Vermont, backpacking in Vermont’s Green Mountains, and canoeing on the beautiful Adirondacks Lakes. These are fantastic excursion options for family travel.


The Wilderness Program aims to build self-esteem in its participants by giving them opportunities to accomplish independent and group tasks. By learning to work together, participants develop responsibility, strong work ethic, sportsmanship, confidence, and leadership skills. Along with physical and personal development, participants of the Wilderness Program also form wonderful, long-term friendships.

Water This Way

The Program also offers opportunities for aspiring counselors when they enter the Counselor-In- Training (CIT) program. These CITs receive instruction in leadership, childcare, first aid, and lifeguard skills. They can also choose to focus on activities in which they want to specialize. As do the participants, many counselors find their time in the Wilderness Program extremely rewarding.

The Wilderness Program provides a structured group experience that grows and challenges its teen participants. The Wilderness Program takes place in healthy, natural setting, provides fun activities mixed with physical exercises, and offers a real chance to build self-esteem and leadership. The Wilderness Program at Camp Chateaugay is a great adventure when considering options for family travel.

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