Surf's Up!

Salvation Army will be the only place kids can find a vacation Bible school during spring break this year.

“During the summer parents are busy with work, planning family vacations and more,” said Misty Veikune, program director at Empire’s Salvation Army facility. “A lot of Salvation Army churches do spring break because so many other churches do them during summer.”

With the “Surf’s Up” theme, kids from kindergarten through sixth will start the day with a coloring contest, an opening assembly, go over a memory verse, learn songs, enjoy a snack, learn team building, scripture lessons, the value of friendships and social skills. Lessons are geared to ages.

“We’ll divide them up into three groups,” Veikune said. “Gym, craft, snack and Bible lesson, then closing assembly.”

All the food will have a luau theme — kabobs, Hawaiian pizza, crab sandwiches, fruits and more, Veikune said. If your child has food allergies, the Salvation Army asks that you alert them to that fact.

During the school year, Salvation Army hosts an After School Program, during which kids drop in, do homework, wolf down a snack and play in the gym. Sometimes kids with severe food allergies bring their own foods, Veikune said.

The number of children will correspond to the number of adult volunteers who help with the lessons. They try to keep the adult/child ratio about 1-10. That means that the more adult volunteers come to help, the more kids can enjoy the experience.

Since Salvation Army is non-denominational, all faiths will most likely be comfortable with the lessons. “Most of our lessons come from Word Action, a Christian publishing company,” Veikune said, and The New International Version of The Bible.

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“The New International Version is a gift to the church. Its clear, readable English is accurate to the original languages, communicating the Bible’s rich message in a way that will reach people of all ages, education and spiritual maturity,” said Tremper Longman III, professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College, on the Harper Collins Christian Publishing website.

 At the end of the week, a family fun night is planned for 5-6:30 p.m. You’ll find shrimp kabobs and other luau-themed food, as well as fun learning to dance the limbo.

And it’s totally free. “I save stuff all year long to plan ahead, and the meals are part of our corp budget,” Veikune said.

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