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8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids

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Parenting is hard work!  And with every year that my kids grow older, it seems that we solve one problem just as another makes its way into our lives.  I’m always on the look out for a good parenting book.  When I hard Dr. Todd Cartmell, author of Keep the Siblings, Lose the Rivalry (which I enjoyed), had written another parenting book, I was happy to take a look.

In 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids, Cartmell breaks down each of the eight tools into five brief chapters, with a practical tip at the end of each chapter to help parents remember the main idea and a follow-up thought or action to put into practice that day. For the tool of “Talking“, for example, he encourages parents that their communication style with their kids is vital (no yelling), explains why it’s important to initiate conversations with their kids (everyone put down the phones), and the value of being an easy-to-listen parent.

In the chapter on the tool of “Connecting“, he emphasizes the importance of warm physical touch, getting into their child’s world (yes, down on the floor, putting the Legos together), and explains why a regular family time is one of the most powerful tools a parent can use to build a close and connected family.

Sneaky Squirrel (Family Game Night)

“Family times are vital to the parent-child relationship,” says Cartmell. “For example, when I think back on times with my family when the boys were young, I remember our going around in a circle and saying things we appreciate about the person on our left or right. The busy hustle and bustle of everyday life impedes meaningful, reflective discussions. It is only when you cultivate the regular habit of stopping and reflecting together on the things that are important you get this kind of interaction on a regular basis.”

Planting a Garden  (Raising Great Kids)

Throughout the book, parents also learn the Family Respect Rule, the importance of flexible thoughts, and how their kids are God’s gold nuggets (Are you looking for the gold or the dirt?).

Cartmell also discusses the importance of practicing our faith and weaving it into every part of our lives. He emphasizes the importance of continually living our faith alongside our kids and with our kids so they get a real picture of what a genuine Christian is supposed to look like.

Woman reading Bible

“These are not tools to use for a while and then discard once your kids are eighteen,” says Cartmell. “My boys are both now in their twenties and I need each of these tools as much as I did when they were three and five years old. These are tools you want to weave into the very nature of your parenting for as long as you’re a parent.”

The chapters are short — perfect for reading along with your daily devotional or during breakfast and each come with a clear application for the day.   Don’t let the short chapters fool you though — there’s a lot packed into this small book and it is something you will want to read again and again as the years go by.

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How tо Be a Great Sundау Sсhооl Tеасhеr

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How tо Be a Sundау Sсhооl Tеасhеr – Tеасhіng Sunday School   Tеасhіng Sunday ѕсhооl іѕ a wonderful ministry that gives the teacher thе орроrtunіtу tо guіdе сhіldrеn tо bе ѕtrоng and knоwlеdgеаblе іn thеіr fаіth. It іѕ thіѕ time іn a child’s life when thе Sunday school tеасhеr can instill wоndеrful Gоdlу values thrоugh […]

The Importance of Kids Bible stories on Video

kids bible stories

Kids’ Bible stories  Kids Bible stories are an important way to get across the message of the Lord to kids. It is not possible for children to study the Bible and completely understand it. Furthermore it would not interest them at all. However it is very important that kids read The Bible and learn about […]

Interactive Sunday School lessons

sunday school lessons

Interactive Bible lessons  Parents often complain that the kids are not interested in reading the Bible. They get bored easily and are unable to understand the lessons. However at the same time learning The Bible is of utmost importance for a kid. No education can be complete without the children learning the tenets of the […]

Getting Kids to Do Your Job in Children’s Ministry

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A few years back, I took a great class at Children’s Ministry University Online about kids in the ministry.  It was all about getting kids more involved in the week to week tasks of a children’s ministry program.

Dick Gruber also talks a bit about this in his book, Cultivating a Cutting-Edge Children’s Ministry.  He mentions that we spend years telling kids to sit still and be quiet (be a spectator) and then are surprised when all they want to do as adults is sit still and listen to the sermon.  If want to cultivate a culture of service in the church, it needs to start with our youngest members.

We try to get kids involved whenever possible, usually using some kind of seasonal display.   Last fall, we used pumpkins to display jobs and names.
Pumpkins: Who's Job Is It?

Each week, we would pick names and kids would adhere there name badge with some sticky tack as I made the rest of the announcements.

Getting Kids Involved in the Ministry

Some Tips and Tricks

If you’re thinking about getting kids more involved, here are some tips and tricks we learned along the way:

Rotate jobs every week

We used to have kids assigned to a job for a month, thinking it would keep them motivated to not miss a week.  However, we know that kids are mostly at the mercy of their transportation and we often ended up with gaps in the job department.   Now, we pick names from the kids who are in attendance each week.  It creates a lot more hype and kids seem excited to pick a job.

Make sure kids understand the job

We generally write a short description on the job sign itself, but I also try to quickly go over the expectations for each job about once a month.  Everyone (including kids!) feels better if they know what is expected of them and explaining the job helps kids feel successful from the beginning.

When in doubt, pair them with an adult

A few jobs require a little more attention than others (using the walkie talkies for parent pick up), and for these, we’ve paired kids with an adult.  It keeps everything running smoothly while still training up a younger worker for real service.

Big and small, they like them all

Think about all the things you do each week and really consider passing it off on a kid.  They love being helpful!  From turning on and off the lights (for video clips) to passing out Bibles, they seem to get excited about being involved in any way.  So keep the jobs coming and keep those kids engaged in service!


“Dough Handprints” Bible Craft

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If you are looking for a classic Bible craft, try this with your kids!   It can be used to impress children with the message that God will be with them, not matter where they are, no matter how big they get.   Alternately, any message dealing with God’s creation of man or God loving children and watching them grow will work very well with this craft.


-Aluminum pie tins, one for each child.
-Homemade play dough (see recipe at beginning of the text), enough for each child to fill a pie tin
-Craft paint
-Crayons, sharpened (or pencils for writing a message in the play dough)

Before Class:

– Make homemade play dough, using this recipe (may have to double for class size):

o 2 cups flour
o 2 cups warm water
o 4 teaspoons cream of tartar
o 2 teaspoons oil
o 1/2 cup salt

– Mix all ingredients, adding the food coloring last.

– Stir over medium heat until smooth.

– Remove from pan and knead until blended smooth.

– Keep play dough in a plastic bag or airtight container to stay moist until it’s time to use.


Give each child a pie tin and enough play dough to fill it.

Have each child:

1. Fill the pie tin and flatten the play dough until it is evenly distributed.

2. Take a crayon or pencil and write to leave an impression in the play dough:  “God Made Me”  across the top.

3. Across the bottom, write his name and his age.

4. Press his hand down in the middle leaving an even print.

5. Paint the play dough with the colors of his choosing

6. Use paint sparingly so it won’t clog writing.

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The Bronze Snake: Children’s Church Lesson

kids bible stories


This last week, we studied Numbers 20 and 21 in Children’s Church. This passage covers Moses striking a rock to get water (against God’s commands) and also the Israelite people being bitten by snakes.   These are the stations we used with the kids.  We are using the Gospel Project curriculum and some of these suggestions come from that teacher’s guide.

Snack Time:

As I was telling the story, I let the kids eat pretzels and had the water clearly visible, but I wouldn’t let any of the kids drink any until we got to the part about the Israelites complaining about a lack of water.   I asked if they could relate to how all the people were feeling and they indeed could.  I poured them all a cup and we continued with story.  After the lesson, they could choose one or more stations to visit.

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

Station #1: Snake Bite Medical Stop

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

In this station, I had an old sheet that the kids could cut into strips to bandage each other’s “snake bites”.  I also had band-aids and a forehead thermometer for them to play with.

Station #2: Paper Plate Snake

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

This is the classic twirly snake cut from a paper plate craft.  Kids colored the snake first and then cut along the lines to make a snake. Of course, we couldn’t find any bronze crayons, so our snakes were a little unbiblical.
The Bronze Snake: Children's Lesson

Station #3: Paper Chain Snake

This was a project they did with another teacher, but my kids brought home one so I thought I’d share it.

The Bronze Snake: Kids Art

Station #4 Coloring

We always try to set up a simple station for kids who don’t know where to start or don’t like a lot of craftiness.  These are papers from The Gospel Project curriculum.

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

Station #5 Water From a Rock

This isn’t exactly from a rock, but we did give the kids some water to play with to remind them of the story.  We use old (donated) shirts as smocks.

The Bronze Snake: Children's Ministry Lesson Ideas

That’s it for now!  What are you up to this week in your ministry?






The Genesis Quiz – Animated Kids Bible

Bible stories for kids
[svp]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chnAzY3VvOU[/svp] A great new Quiz available on Facebook,Bebo and Friendster. Test your knowledge and earn points to get FREE DVDs of The Animated Kids Bible. Its fun and entertaining so invite your friends.