The Bible is more than you think it is

Libraries were important sources of information when I was a child. We would sit for hours doing research for projects. While my children were at school, my wife often took them to the Krugersdorp library.

I still remember how the books were shelved according to topic – science, history, geography, biology, sport or hobbies.

Interestingly enough, the Bible was always kept in the section for religion. For years I accepted this categorising of the Bible. Recently however, as I read through Matthew 23, it dawned on me that libraries and bookshops may have the Bible in the wrong section.

Yes, the Bible does have elements of religion but it also contains information that can fall under the categories of history, health and wellness, science, geography and philosophy.

But if you listen to Jesus’ sermons, the best category for the New Testament to be kept in would be “a book against religion”. He refers to religious people as hypocrites, snakes, even white-washed tombstones.

Jesus didn’t come to earth to establish a religion but to promote the idea of having a personal relationship with God.

Read Matthew 23 and make up your mind.

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