The Gospel and Your Life Today

We’re in week four of a new series we’ve started in our midweek program all about discovering the gospel.  You can check out the previous lessons here:

This week is the ending of last week’s lesson.  Last week (March 16th for us), we talked about creation (we were created for God’s glory) and rebellion (the fall of man).  I was going to come up with some crazy allegory and illustrate it and tell it to the kids, but I realized that many of our kids may not have heard the creation and fall story (we have a young group!), so I opted for the real deal from Genesis. However, I wanted to keep it engaging for the older kids, so I used a portion of the Superbook video (you can stream it online for free) called In the Beginning.

This week, we’re going to talk about God’s solution to man’s sin (the gospel) and how it applies to our lives today.   The timing is perfect with Easter just around the corner!

What's the Big Idea

BIG IDEA: God loved us so much that he rescued us from our sin by sending Jesus to take our punishment for us.   Now we can die to our sin and live a new life in him! 

Large Group Plan:

There’s some great verses included in this lesson that I’d like the kids to interact with somehow.  I might have the older kids look them up or fill in missing words via the big screen.  For the younger kids, I think I’ll focus on the freedom we have in Christ to say “no” to temptation.  I‘m also thinking about the object lesson that looks super cool!  More details to follow!

Small Group Activity Ideas:

New Life in Christ

Eggs in Nest

Here is a fun object lesson based on a baby bird’s ability.  It will require finding a robin egg, so get outside and get looking!  Find the full lesson, called Baby Bird Believers, here.

Nicodemus visited Jesus at night

This lesson unpacks Jesus’ experience with Nicodemus a little bit and contains some great discussion questions for the older crowd about what “giving your life to Christ” really means.

Power to Beat Sin

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we no longer have to be slaves to sin.  We can say “no!” to temptation through the power of the Holy Spirit. Here are some more ideas to accompany that idea (you can also use the ideas from last week’s lesson).

Color Bottles Science Experiment, Homeschool October (5)

Oil and Water Don’t Mix: In this lesson, kid will see that just like oil and water don’t mix — righteousness and worldly actions should not mix.  Check out the full science-based family devotional here. 

Resist Temptation Object Lesson

Pie Pan Pepper Sin: In this lesson, the teacher sprinkles in pepper to represent sin.  It’s pretty tough to get all that out of there!  However, there is something that can free us from our sin.  Check out the instructions here to find out more!

Easter Activities for Kids

More Easter Ideas to Explore:

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