True Repentance: Children’s Ministry Lesson for Kids

This week in our midweek program, we’re taking a closer look at repentance.   For our purposes, repentance means:

  1. Stop living the wrong way
  2. Start living in a new way

True Repentance

Many kids know they should repent (or apologize) for doing something wrong, but this week, we’ll also talk about how God wants us to repent of our good behavior.


Often, we think of repentance of something that “bad” people have to do.  However, this week we’ll learn that we need to repent both of the bad things we do (we’re calling this disobedience) and also repent of trying to prove ourselves with our good behavior (we’re calling this pride).


For our large group time, we’ll have Angie the Zebra and Easy Life Ed as guests, arguing about who needs to repent.  Angie loves do to her “good deeds” before men and Ed (the turtle) hasn’t taken his sin very seriously (until lately).  They will learn that they BOTH need to repent and trust in Jesus.



If you’re looking for some great activities, games, and crafts to go along with this lesson, keep reading for some ideas (special thanks to Taylor for her investigative work this week).

The Stain of Sin

In this experiment, kids stain a cloth with berry juice and then are “washed clean” with lemon juice.  Check out Kids of Integrity for the full instructions.  This is one you’ll want to make sure works ahead of time!

Can’t Hide Your Sin

In this object lesson, kids use dark soda and buttons to show that we can’t hide sin.  You can find the full instructions here.  Don’t have any buttons?  You could also do this with raisins and seltzer water.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

The pride/disobedience theme is reminiscent of a lesson we just had about a pharisee (pride) and tax collector (disobedience) we had just a few weeks ago.  You can check out that post for more idea.

What Do You Want To Be Filled With?

This object lesson shows that we need to empty our lives of sin (repent) in order for God to fill our lives with good things.  The lesson is a little confusing to read, but I think you can get the general idea!

Let’s Act it Out

Sam Luce has some skit ideas on his blog to help illustrate the idea of repentance.  His lessons are based on Jonah, but the principle remains the same.

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