What Secrets about Fatherhood Can a Carpenter Teach?

Growing up, I was always obsessed with my dad’s work as a carpenter. Many of his stories and life lessons were wood-related or shop-themed; and from his wisdom and example, I learned how to not only become a great craftsman but also a man of God.

Dads are known for their practical wisdom and often ridiculous sayings and maxims they insist on repeating to their children. They can create a metaphor out of just about anything and are some of the world’s most natural storytellers.

Sports, cars, movies, cooking—dads will use whatever they can to teach their sons about life, work, family, and faith in God. We may have rolled our eyes at their words of wisdom when we were younger.

But every story, saying, and metaphor somehow still managed to help us become the men we are today. 

So in honor of dads, their sayings, and their stories, here are a few woodworking words of wisdom, shop sayings, and nine lessons of faith to help build your spiritual life:

Photo Credit: GettyImages/alessandroguerriero

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