What You Need to Know about the Latest Mission: Impossible Movie

Ethan Hunt has been given an assignment – if he chooses to accept it – that literally could save humanity.

It seems the same terrorists who intentionally created and spread a smallpox virus overseas now are trying to purchase three cases of plutonium that they’ll use to make three nuclear bombs. Their mission: destroy the planet and start humanity all over again. It’s like Noah and the flood, but with evil intentions.

“There’s never been a peace without great suffering,” one of them says in a manifesto.

Hunt’s goal is to obtain the plutonium before the terrorists get it. That sounds easy for a smart guy like Ethan Hunt, but when the wrong person dies and his plan fails, he is forced to make a drastic decision: infiltrate the terrorist network and pretend to be one of the bad guys – a murderous leader named John Lark.

Can Hunt fool the terrorists into believing he is Lark … and save the world in time, too?

Photo Courtesy: Mission Impossible Facebook

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