Sunday school lessons

The Animated Kids Bible Sunday School Lessons

The Genesis account says that Adam & Eve were the first created beings & lived in the Garden of Eden. When Adam lay with his wife Eve, she conceived & bore their first son, Cain. Later Eve gave birth to Cain’s brother Abel.Abel grew & became a keeper of sheep, a herdsmen of flocks. But when Cain his older brother brought an offering of fruit from the ground & Abel brought of the firstborn of his flock & of their fat, the Lord respected Abel’s offering but did not respect Cain’s offering.Cain’s response to this set of a sequence of events that bore devastating effects for Abel, his parents & ultimately for Cain.Cain & Abel are brothers who appear in Episode 1 “Creation” of “The Animated Kids Bible” series. For more interesting facts on the brothers

Cain & Abel, the “Bonus Features” on the DVD following the episode are not to be missed…