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The Animated Kids Bible Sunday School Lessons

The Serpent is one of the central characters early in the book of Genesis & first appears in the Garden of Eden, the home of the first created beings, Adam & Eve.
Actually the Serpent, known in the Bible as being “more crafty than any of the other created beings that God had made” is also referred to later as the “Devil,” “Satan,” the “deceiver” & so on.
The Serpent’s entrance in the book of Genesis & in Episode 1 “Creation” of “The Animated Kid’s Bible” series brings in fact a direct challenge to God’s instructions to Adam, concerning the trees in the Garden of Eden.
As a direct response to the disobedience of The Serpent, Adam & Eve, God appropriately pronounces a curse which effects all three of these characters with in fact, consequences for all of mankind.
To know more, be sure to see “Creation” being Episode 1 in “The Animated Kid’s Bible” series & see “Pip The Penguin” in the “Bonus Features” following the episode.