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The Animated Kids Bible Sunday School Lessons

From episode two of The Animated Kids Bible, Ham was one of the three sons Noah, the other brothers being Shem & Japheth.
Shem & his wife, two brothers & their wives, his mother & father went into the ark as directed by God & were saved from world-wide flood waters which effectively reduced the entire human population to a mere total of only eight individuals. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, all of humanity is descended back to Noah & his three sons & their wives.
Ham later moved southwest into Africa, was father to his sons, Cush, Egypt, Put, and Canaan; becoming the forefather of the descendants back there & to Arabia & Ethiopia. Notably, Egypt was referred to ‘the land of Ham’ in the Bible. Notably also Nimrod, Ham’s grandson began the establishing of the earliest monarchy in Babylonia.
Ham appears with his older brothers Japheth & Shem in Episode 2: ‘Voyage Of The Ark’ of ‘The Animated Kids Bible’ DVD Collectibles Series.