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Shem was one of the three sons to Noah & was born 98 years before the Flood. The other brothers being Ham & Japheth.
Shem was apparently born when Noah reached the age of 502. Shem & his wife, two brothers & their wives, his mother & father went into the ark as directed by God & were saved from world-wide flood waters.
Shem later became the direct ancestor of the Semitic race from which the Babylonians, Assyrians, Hebrews, Arabs & Aramaeans belonged. The Hebrews were in fact the direct descendants of Shem”s son: Arpachshad or Arphaxad who was born only 2 years after the Flood.
Shem lived to be 600 & in the New Testament, Jesus is listed as having been descended from Shem in an unbroken line through Abraham and David.
Shem appears with his brothers Ham & Japheth, in Episode 2: “Voyage Of The Ark” of “The Animated Kids Bible” DVD Collectibles Series.