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Michigan couple claim they have captured an ‘evil spirit’ on nanny cam after baby gets three deep scratches on her face

A young couple in Michigan claim that their home is possibly haunted by a malicious evil spirt/demon after their daughter appeared to have three deep “purple scratches” on her face. They also believe they have captured the supernatural creature on their nanny cam. Now they are ready to move out. Wouldn’t you? Heather and Josh […]

Scientists Confirm That All Humans Descended From Just Two People – Bible Had It Right All Along

The scientific world is shocked at new findings that suggest that all human life descended from just two individuals. Additionally, the same scientific community also claims an event nearly wiped out all humanity about 100,000 years ago. Of course, this is almost precisely what the Bible describes in both the Creation Story and in the […]

Ernest Borgnine talks about the 1977 film “Jesus of Nazareth”

Ernest Borgnine talks about the 1977 film “Jesus of Nazareth” – Jesus Daily‘); } Ernest Borgnine talks about one of the most famous scenes of  “Jesus of Nazareth” which starred Robert Powell as Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth was a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries directed by Franco Zeffirelli and co-written by Zeffirelli, Anthony Burgess, and Suso […]

1-Year-Old Receives Lifesaving Heart Transplant Seconds After Church Stops To Pray

Little Baby Is Close To Death, But Then an Entire Congregation Prays For A Miracle We experience the mercy of God when we least expect it.  Acts of kindness and care always shows fruitful results. At times of distress, if you pray with all your heart, you prayers are heard by the Almighty. Prayers are […]

Kelsey Grammar talks about the importance of Jesus Christ

Kelsey Grammar talks about the importance of Jesus Christ – Jesus Daily‘); } Kelsey Grammar has been a tv icon on not one but two long-running tv series playing the same character. But did you know he is also a Christian? The actor, comedian, singer, producer, director, writer, activist, and voice actor is best known […]

Pat Sajak undergoes emergency surgery, Vanna White to host ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in his place

Pat Sajak undergoes emergency surgery, Vanna White to host ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in his place – Jesus Daily‘); } Please pray. Longtime host of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak, has underwent a successful emergency surgery for a blocked intestine. The show came out with an announcement on social media Friday. Vanna White will step in […]

Baby Miraculously Survives 5-Day Coma Against the Odds, Wakes with Huge Smile

Baby Michael has been diagnosed with cardiac fibroma, which is when a tumor is attached to the septum within the left chamber of ones heart. Please pray. A United Kingdom family is desperate to bring their baby boy to America for a life-saving heart surgery they don’t have locally. In March, when he was only […]

Woman Rescues Puppy Half-Bald from Mange After Dog’s ‘Beautiful Eyes’ Captivate Her

Any animal lover may find it difficult to resist a puppy’s cute, innocent eyes— especially a puppy who has not been given a safe and loving start to life. Jessie DeFreitas, 21, has four cats to look after and a rescue dog. But the moment she laid eyes on a young, unwanted puppy brought to […]

After Suffering Heartbreaking Miscarriage Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson Welcomes Baby Girl

Miscarriage is something that many women experience, irrespective of the world’s status or status. Rich, poor, well-known or not, according to WebMD, up to 25% of women who know they are pregnant end up having a miscarriage. In 2017, Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson East found out she was pregnant— but only a short time later, […]