Husband Gives Wife a Birthday Cake Shaped Like An Amazon Shipping Box

Waylon McGuire had a ‘prime’ gift idea to give his wife on her birthday. He ordered a cake shaped like one of her most favorite things.

Diamonds? Flowers? Chocolate?

No, none of those. But if you guessed an Amazon package box complete with label and tape, then you are correct!

“I laughed so hard. I thought it was a real box at first,” said Emily McGuire, who gets two or three Amazon deliveries each week.

The chocolate cake was created by Sweet Dreams Bakery in North Carolina, complete with a shipping label and packing tape. The cake cost about $50 and was delicious she said.

McGuire shared pictures of the cake on her company Facebook page.

Based on the “insane” reaction she’s received, it’s clear McGuire is not the only Amazon fanatic.

The Facebook group Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons shared the image on its page and received more than 26,000 likes.

“I need this,” wrote one woman. “I seriously have a package coming every day this week and two more before the 31st.”

“That cake has my name written all over it!” added another woman.

“All fun and games until you sleepwalk and start chewing on a cardboard box thinking it’s a cake,” joked someone else.

McGuire said her husband has never done something like this before, but now it might be a new tradition.


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