What an incredible curriculum

June 8, 2016

The Animated Bible Adventures is everything you could ask for in up-to-date curriculum…The graphics will draw the kids in instantaneously, audience participation encourages fellowship, and the small group time will reinforce relationships among the children and adults…We currently use several different curriculums across the ages in our church but this one is by far the most innovative…Often other curriculums can bog you down with several pages to read and acquiring numerous materials to gather for a Sunday, with the Bible Adventures this is eliminated and you can administer your Sunday with ease! It is a must for your church children and will easily engage adults that may have been hesitated in the past to step up and serve the children of your church…The possibilities are endless in how you may format this curriculum…Whether in several grades on Sunday or just a select few during a weekly program you will have a rewarding experience for all…The ease and flow of this adventure will inspire all those involved…Teaching the fundamentals of the Bible and nurturing a child’s faith has never been more fun!
Jennifer Hicks and Jennifer Price
Sunday School Coordinators
Zionsville United Methodist Church
Zionsville, Indiana

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