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What You Need to Know about the Holy Spirit

One tragedy of prolonged debates over the spiritual gifts is that the gifts can become more important than the Giver. Above all, the greatest gift that Christ gives in his ascension is the Spirit himself. For our salvation the Father gave his two greatest gifts, John Owen observed. “The one was the giving of his […]

Celebrating The Gift of Motherhood – In ALL Its Forms.

Mothers day is a day many find difficult. Myself included. But I still believe mothers should both be celebrated and be given the freedom to celebrate. Yes, we need to be mindful and thoughtful – but we shouldn’t make mothers and children feel guilty as they celebrate what is good. We should celebrate birth mothers, […]

It Takes a Whole Church to Nurture Faith

Ok, so the title of this post isn’t my own – It’s stolen from a colleague who was writing material for Children Matter’s project ‘FaithfullGeneration’. As part of the team putting this project together, I felt it was ok to use it…. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven! In my mother’s day post I referred to […]

If You Are a Girl – Be the Girl You Are.

It’s International Women’s Day today, and I’ve been watching my newsfeed fill up with various blogs, statement and press articles. Some have written letters to their young self – some are heartbreaking, others are practical feminist rhetoric. I don’t want to write a letter to my young self – my young self is now deliberately […]

When Children Don’t Want Jesus In Their Heart Any More

*We adults have our own view of all things theological, we like to get it sorted in our heads and pass on what we think to the children. Sometimes we’ve wrestled with it ourselves, and sometimes we have just accepted what the previous generation told us – because we have never been required to test […]

10 Things You Should Know about Fasting

If there is a single driving force in our society today it may well be what I call instant self-gratification. It is into this mindset in our society that the Bible speaks about fasting. Is it any wonder that few people are listening? Nothing seems as silly to the natural mind or as repulsive to […]

The Aspiration Gap

I read a news paper article last week. It was a thought provoking piece about children who have no aspirations, looking at the various reasons why and how we can introduce and model good aspirations – aside from that of just being ‘famous’. I wish I could give you a link to it, but in […]

Will God Bring Vengeance on My Cheating Husband?

Editor’s Note: Pastor Roger Barrier’s “Ask Roger” column regularly appears at Preach It, Teach It. Every week at Crosswalk, Dr. Barrier puts nearly 40 years of experience in the pastorate to work answering questions of doctrine or practice for laypeople, or giving advice on church leadership issues. Email him your questions at [email protected]. Dear Roger, I […]

Being Community (Regardless of how you voted)

I talk a lot about ‘Intergenerational Church’. By ‘intergenerational’ church, I don’t mean a meeting or event – I mean a community showing faith in action across all generations. Forming cross generational relationships, nurturing, learning, supporting and mentoring together. Each generation setting an example and being a role model to the other…. It also crosses […]

Parentalk Courses

With thanks to 1st Steps Toddle Inn on Broadway, we would like to announce that the first Parentalk for Primary Years is being run on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.  Parents are loving the discussions and the DVD and giving each other top tips and support and encouragement.  It is a joy to watch!     […]

Random Prayer Activities

We’ve been back from Hungarton Camp for almost a week – and it was brilliant! Great leaders, great children, fantastic weather, and a wonderful time had by all. There was swimming and horse riding every day, and then a mix of a farm tours, circus skills, archery and craft – depending on the day. Of course, […]

9 Ways the New Covenant is Better

It is easy for believers to lose sight of how privileged we are to participate in the New Covenant. Giants of the faith such as Abraham, Moses, and David only looked forward to the spiritual blessings that every single Christian receives. For this reason, the New Covenant is fundamentally better than the Old Covenant. The […]

Accessible Reading

I posted an update on Facebook late last night, all about not being able to get three books I want to ‘read’. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get them in any accessible formats. And sadly – I let it spill out on social media… But it’s not just me with this problem. Children, youth […]

Praying with Jelly Babies

(See the introduction posthere) The first Hungarton Camp morning startup activity was deliberately more random than most (With the smallest link to the morning teaching – if you looked closely). My idea was to take the campers completely by surprise and use a news item they would know  and possibly care about, (and one close […]