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Why You Should Trust God… Period

If you are a sports fan, you likely know Ernie Johnson, Jr., as one of the most recognizable voices in sports. As the three-time Emmy-winning host of TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” Ernie has the privilege of taking the stage with some of the biggest names in sports – Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal. […]

Let’s Stick Together Courses

Already this year over 80 people have been through our Let’s Stick Together course at the ante natal day at Nobles Hospital.  This day is held on the first weekend of the month and our incredible team of volunteers take it in turns to present this great paradigm shifting course at around 4pm .  This […]

Good Evangelism?

There’s a sad phrase I hear from teens/young adults from time to time, referring to the moment they came to faith: “I tried that and it didn’t work.” I hear it most from those who have come to faith in the emotion of the moment, or those who haven’t been given the space to adequately […]

6 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Prayer Life

Every believer knows what it is like to struggle in his or her prayer life. You know you need to pray and feel guilty for not praying more, so you kneel down, fold your hands, close your eyes, and then have no idea what to say. Then once words start coming out you don’t know […]

Playing Card Prayers

Morning start up on the second day of camp was an activity I borrowed from the amazing ‘Flame Creative’ website. I tweaked it a little on what we did for each card, and we only used half a pack of cards per tent. For a King, we shouted out something amazing about God. For a […]

Who’s the Priority?

I’ve just had a lovely holiday abroad – only possible with a gift we receive for that purpose, and the fact that when there’s only two of you and you need accessible accommodation…It’s cheaper to go abroad! When I go through the airports I have ‘priority’ labels stuck on my wheelchair and my luggage – […]

Are You Equipping Your Children to Fight Spiritual Battles?

“Satan knows God created our children to reveal His glory, therefore he is doing all he can to defeat, distract, and deceive them from fulfilling their purpose.” – Gary Barkalow, founder of the Noble Heart Ministries Our children are in a spiritual battle and it’s our responsibility as their parents to give them all the […]

Where Justice and Mercy Meet

I don’t really have time to write this – but it’s on my heart. I’m normally a ferocious editor of my blogs…I haven’t got time for that either – so here are my unfiltered thoughts. Loads of people are responding to the Sally Phillip’s documentary “A World Without Down’s Syndrome”. A whole range of opinions […]

The Angry Conversation In My Head

A while ago, I was talking to the parent of a little boy. It was a sad conversation, and I will forever be haunted by the look on that parent’s face. The conversation was a familiar one, where they shared comments from leaders of his youth group; “If your son comes, other’s won’t” and “If […]

When You Feel Far from God at Easter

It’s Easter week and you know that you’re “supposed” to be rejoicing over Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and His miraculous resurrection. You’re “supposed” to feel all the emotions of Easter such as joy, peace, and happiness. But, if you were to be really honest, this Easter it feels like something is missing. You feel […]

It’s OK not to be OK…

I started to write this just before my birthday (2 weeks before Christmas). But it’s taken a while to decide if I wanted to post it or not. It’s a bit ‘personal’ and was difficult to write. It’s also quite long! I’ve now adapted it as a New Year post – and write it as […]

Theology, ‘Tweeology’ & ‘Thugology’

I wrote this blog back in December 2011 on my old website – I haven’t edited it, just copied it as it is. It still fits with my thinking and links with some new blogs I’m writing. It’s long – even by my standards! Enjoy: What do we think of when we mention theology and teaching children […]

When Children Don’t Want Jesus In Their Heart Any More

I wrote this back in Sept 2012 on my old website – It’s not edited it, just copied over. I still agree with what I wrote, and it links with some new blogs I’m writing. It’s long though… And I thought the ones I do now are long! Enjoy We adults have our own view of […]

KIDS ZONE activities offered at UMC of Plano

The all new KIDS ZONE at the United Methodist Church of Plano is bringing Bible lessons and their teachings to children in unique ways. Parables and their relationship to everyday life is the focus on Sunday mornings from 9 to 10:15 a.m. Activities, music, Bible verses, crafts, and games focus on the Bible lesson of […]